11: Dog Days

So if you didn’t catch the tweet, @thekittymeister and I got married in October, on Halloween. If you didn’t catch the other tweet, that was five days after my dad died. Now, this post isn’t going to be where I unload about my dad — anime didn’t really get involved in that, at least not this year (I used to watch anime with my dad; he liked Cowboy Bebop and Trigun; the ending to Cowboy Bebop made him mad and sorrowful, like it did me).

But Kitty and me? We can talk about that. Because we had a tiny tv smaller than most computer monitors, and my XBox 360 as an entertainment system. I have a Netflix account. When she moved in, we needed something to watch late at night, when we were too tired to play games. We picked Inuyasha. We’ve both loved it since our salad days, watching Adult Swim, but neither of us watched every. single. episode. And they’re all there. Every one of them. At least, we’re far enough in that if Netflix doesn’t have them all, or takes them off, we’ll go out of our way to get them (I think I know a human being that owns it all on DVD, maybe I could borrow it).

These late night viewings will figure into more “moments,” but for now, for the eleventh, it’s all about relaxing into a new stage of my relationship with Kitty. We’ve just about lived together at times, since we spent so much time traveling from one place to another over summer breaks that we would be together for over a month. But of course we never actually lived together, and so there’s a pressure in my head to entertain her when she’s around. It’s eased up a lot, and sinking into a nice, familiar anime we could talk about (and talk during) while still seeing new things was great. Is great. We’re, you know. Nowhere near finished…


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