#12: Resurrection

Wow, it’s, uh, been a while. Three years since Christmas-themed anime posting, huh? Yeah, that’s actually my first point. I kind of stopped watching anime for a minute there. I was always fond of the 12 days tradition, even though I think I only ever did it totally successfully once — twice if you count the year I snuck a few in after the fact. Like I’m doing right now.

I spent a while, when I was working on my MFA thesis, really blogging, like watching shows for no other reason than to blog them. I watched a show I hated because readers voted for it. I can still make Pontifus mad by mentioning those posts, but at least I probably had the record for people angry at me over on SF.c. Right? And there are a lot of lovely bloggers now, and there were then those who were lovely but who seem to have drifted off (or changed usernames without forwarding addresses, anyway).

So my first “moment” for this year’s 12 days is that an anime made me pleased enough to blog again. I already had this blog ready to go, but Nozaki-kun was the first thing I posted about on it. We’re not supposed to be limited to any media here on the site, but even I am surprised that happened. Neat.


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