9: Sound: Oof.

No one’s made that joke, right? Probably not, I’m clearly a comedic genius.

This is actually the sound I make every time TheKittyMeister suggests we watch Sound! Euphonium. I really like KyoAni. I never stopped liking them, from my time in grad school, alone in a tiny apartment, watching Haruhi and then reading fan translations of the novels (I stopped before Disappearance since I liked the anime better, but because of my half an hour checking out of anime fandom, I still haven’t seen it). I love Hyouka, and, uh, sort of enjoyed K-On? So this sounded good on paper.

I’m front-loading the bad part because I opened with the grunt joke. I actually like the show. But I do find it frustrating — for exactly the right reasons. See, I was one of those kids. I was in band for seven years, starting when I was eleven or twelve (saxophone all seven, percussion last four [and yes, real percussion, not just drums, though drums are real percussion too dammit]). I was, however, the main character’s lackadaisical senpai (I don’t remember any names in this show, sorry). There was a moment when I was first chair, because literally the entire saxophone section graduated but me. Someone else started that year. Teaching her what sharps and flats were? I could do that. Muster the energy to care about competitions? Nope.

Of course, I did pretty much what lackadaisical senpai did: I was galvanized by the idea that “this year is my last year” and actually started trying. I entered a competition and not only didn’t get called back, but got comments making fun of the music I chose: the Star Wars main theme (story of my life: do pop culture stuff in front of stuffy jerks, get yelled at). I did take part in an ensemble thing where we had to audition, but not to get in, only to pick first chair so on. I remember being very sick and that the instructor used the word “zesty” a lot.

My last year was the year our marching band was one point away from regionals, so you betcha I know what the children in Sound Euph are feeling. And that’s this moment in time, isn’t it? I have trouble watching a show because it’s accurately showing me to myself.

I haven’t even touched on what makes it hard to actually watch. That is how stupid I find some of the conflicts. Not “unrealistic,” notice. “Stupid.” That’s because they are, indeed, the conflicts we had in band as well. They were stupid then and they’re stupid now.

Is Reina the name of the trumpet player? I like her, which makes her the first trumpet player I like (they’re all assholes).

(If somehow anyone from band is reading this and you were a trumpet player, I probably do like you well enough. But seriously. Trumpet players are assholes. It’s a job requirement.)


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