6: Tear Adorably

We have all had fights that, afterwards, seem pretty stupid. You can probably think of some of yours right now. Did your face get kinda warm? Like you should open a window or something? Yeah.

Well. My partner and I once had a huge, screaming, crying, hours-long fight about Toradora.

This is not a joke. But it happened this year, so it’s certainly a moment.

See, remember when I said I have a problem watching anime with people now? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. I did that thing I’m supposed to be way too mature and old and experienced and educated to do: I got mad someone didn’t like a show I did. So when people tell you to relax and calm down and let people like what they like, that’s great advice and absolutely what you should do. But it appears to be somewhat natural to want people to like stuff you like. Not everyone feels that way, but way more than one or two of us do. So it’s cool, relax. We all do that. Well, I do that, and I’m kind of paid for my skill not to do it.

I’m not going to get weird and talk all about our fight and personal stuff and what have you. Basically it was a fight instead of a discussion because I should have gotten a glass of water and come back in the room after a minute and said, “Hey, you know what?” I didn’t do that.

But basically it was misinterpreting behavior as meaning. Yeah, that thing we have to do all the time, but are bad at all the time.

So why is this a moment I want to remember? It certainly gives me something to avoid doing. I kind of did that recently, remembering this and not getting bent out of shape. That was nice.

But for anyone reading, the point is more that it revealed my deep attachment to a show I hadn’t watched for a while (it has a good Christmas story, too). It was a moment when I wanted to share something and got confused. Which is pretty much what the characters do all the damn time. So that’s insightful. Probably.