Isn’t this the weirdest line in a song? It’s off…

Isn’t this the weirdest line in a song? It’s off Dark Side of the Moon, naturally, and it comes right near the beginning. It’s unexpected for a speaker, and one who’s proving himself good at it, to dwindle down into quietude as he says he thought there was more to it than this.

The line’s followed by the release of tense energy that’s been underlying the song so far. No more lyrics follow, only bombastic music.

But eventually that dies down as well. What we get instead is the first of the spoken word recordings the band made by roaming the recording studio and asking questions. It’s the famous claim that the speaker isn’t afraid of death.

And after that? The inarticulate singing of a woman who has not appeared as of yet, seguing eventually into quiet sound.

The album’s over, right? Well, no. The next track is “Money.” Damn. That’s what it’s like to be silenced, then…

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Selling books, selling slicing life

Let’s do another anime post, those are fun and relevant to my interests. TheKittyMeister and I continue to watch a lot of anime, partly because, well, I’m paying for Crunchyroll, we should probably use it. And so we watched Denki-GaiMy relationship with slice-of-life is rocky, at best, but I quite like a lot of them. So this one’s got me thinking about why.

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End of Time, End of Anxiety

I just finished re-reading Moorcock’s Dancers at the End of Time. I may actually prefer the End of Time to the Elric stories, in that they suit my temperament much more. Elric was instrumental in my formative years, so I’ll never not think of those stories as some of my favorites, but — along with my personal preference — everyone talks about Elric. What about Jherek Carnelian?

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