Magic journalling 1


What follows is a transcription of the picture above. In the best sort of magical exploratory way, I wrote through a difficulty contextualizing the Christian figure of Christ in magic. Most deities are specific in their roles. Christ is less so.

The difficulty with Christ is that he is all things. From poetic and religious inspiration to victory at war, Christ is or has been all things to many people. That makes it difficult, at best, to invoke him. If he has no telltale characteristics, what am I to become as his spirit settles over me? Thor is obvious. Even Hellboy is obvious. But is Christ silent? Dostoevsky thought so. Direct? Obtuse? Yes and yes, depending on which apostle one reads. He performed Miracles and refused to; saved and destroyed; taught and abandoned…

Somewhere in there may be opportunity, but to me it is like deciding where to eat. I have too many options. One could go back to Mithras. Sacrificial. Sun god. What if Apollo died for the Greeks? Christ is the passive voice of the I Ching, the “wait and see,” the rock that breaks men’s hearts. Christ endures.


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