The cover of Wishbone Ash's album, Argus

Argus Tarot 1

You’ve may have a favorite band name. It’s not necessarily the name of your favorite band. It’s maybe something odd or weird or even just kind of random. I’m not sure which my favorite is, but “Wishbone Ash” is definitely a contender. I don’t think it’s “random.” I think I read somewhere it has something to do with the wood used to make musical instruments. I suppose it doesn’t matter. Let’s do a tarot reading for Wishbone Ash’s album Argus.

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The cover of Blues Traveler's release of 12 Swords

Tarot Time: Blues Traveler’s Decisions of the Sky

I figured, what with Thanksgiving and all, that maybe I should take it easy this week. In addition, I only just now got my internet back after a three day outage. So what could I do? I haven’t yet left the safe waters of “concept album” to talk about albums that are “just” collections of songs. Well, maybe I did with Abbey Road, but I feel like by that time the Beatles were one step away from making concept albums anyway. So guess what? I remembered that time Blues Traveler released a miniature album for free on their website!

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Cover image: Dream Theater, Scenes from a Memory

Tarot in the Dream Theater 1

I was looking over my list of albums I’ve put together, and none of them were thrilling me. So I decided to bother chat about it. Like many people, I jump onto Twitch several times a week to watch my favorite streamer, and I’m active enough in chat that people are used to me being around. So I asked them what some of their most personally significant albums were. I got a ton of options, some I knew, some I don’t. I wrote them all down. But the streamer himself reminded me of Dream Theater! So here we are!

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Ten of Swords and Three of Swords, accompanied by stones and rune discs.

Daily Draw Cards

Here’s a nice, simple sort of post for a Monday afternoon. Have you ever heard the advice to draw a tarot card every day? You probably have if you’ve read any books on tarot or checked out any other blogs. It’s a common piece of advice. I do it, and I note down the card in my day planner. I have a record — with gaps — going back three or four years, now.

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