Makoto holding a mandrake, which screams

Twelve Days 5: Flying Witch

Let’s just keep going with the magical posts, right? It’s in the middle of my wheelhouse, so I may as well. A friend of mine once mentioned that the magic in this show seemed to track, to some degree, to the way real life witches actually practice magic. I haven’t seen anything so far that struck me as that boldly spiritual, but the practical side is interesting. There’s a great deal of focus on harmony, cultivation, and helping people. Maxine Sanders, who was the wife of Alex Sanders (from whom we get Alexandrian Wicca), said once in an interview that most of the people who visited them, back when they were a famous coven, just needed help. They never turned anyone away, though they would be open about how maybe they weren’t the best option for whomever. While Makoto doesn’t go around trying to right wrongs, she and her friends cheerfully try to help out when they can. It’s just part of being a witch. That, certainly, is true to the spirit of the thing.

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