12 Days of Anime 2017 Omnibus

I’m taking a very small break from blogging this week. Or, rather, I’ve already taken it. To get posts rolling out on Monday, I’ll be back at writing later tonight. What I thought I’d do is put all my 12 Days posts in one place, so you could find anything you missed or shake your head, very slowly, as you see two entries for Ancient Magus’ Bride in one place. Whichever pleases you more.

Twelve Days 1: Shirobako

The cast of Shirobako


Twelve Days 2: NetJuu

Morioka from Net-Juu no Susume


Twelve Days 3: Lupin III

Still from the opening of Lupin the 3rd part four


Twelve Days 4: Ancient Magus’ Bride

Ainsworth and Chise from The Ancient Magus' Bride


Twelve Days 5: Flying Witch

Makoto holding a mandrake, which screams


Twelve Days 6: Samurai Flamenco

Masayoshi Hazama from Samurai Flamenco, in his first costume


Twelve Days 7: Kobayashi and the Dragon Maid

Kobayashi, Tohru, and the rest of the main cast of this show.


Twelve Days 8: Love is Like a Cocktail



Twelve Days 9: One Piece

the cast of One Piece


Twelve Days 10: Cardcaptor Sakura



Twelve Days 11: Bodacious Space Pirates



Twelve Days 12: Ainsworth from Magus’ Bride



And here, again, is what might have been my greatest accomplishment: the simple image I slaved over for nearly an hour because I’m so bad at image manipulation. It details a tarot spread I made, just for Cocktails!



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