A Nebbish Tries Geomancy

I’ve spent the past week prepping for a surgery, and while it’s not the most worrying sort of surgery imaginable, there’s enough to do and to worry about that I sort of accepted that I wasn’t writing a brand spanking new post for everybody this time around. In fact, I probably will be laid up and messed up on pain killers afterwards for long enough that next week is probably a wash as well.

For this week, I’m posting something that I put in the Hermetic House of Life discord server last month. It’s a silly but somewhat instructive story of my first attempt to use geomancy to find a lost item. It’s been lightly edited, but still reads very much like something I wrote on my phone before going to bed in a forum instead of something drafted in Word to be posted on a blog.

I had been missing my radio adapter for months, since I used it to play music in my partner’s car as she drove me to my endoscopy last October. It was a minor annoyance but I finally got sick enough of not having it to actually try to find it.

I thought, hey, let’s do geomancy. I had no idea how. But naturally, polyphanes has a post about it. And I mean I would be lying if I said I was confident that I understood it, but I tried anyway right? Here’s the chart I got.

So after a false start where I forgot the correct house, I sat there with Rubeus not passing to any other houses, staring at it like a stunned haddock. 

Since the house is determined by the method, I had the zodiac sign to go by. Cancer, apparently. I rummaged around where we keep our drinks (Rubeus amirite?) But nothing. I was already lost. 

With the idea of Cancer – crab – shell – outerwear, I wandered into the hall where our coats go. When I had come back from the hospital, from that scoping I mentioned earlier, I had tossed the bag with the scan and my papers down in the hall. I hadn’t touched it because it had pics of my throat and at the time I’d been provisionally diagnosed with something very bad (misdiagnosis btw yay). The bag caught my eye as I walked in, originally intent on rifling through coat pockets.

The thing was in that bag. It’d been lying there where I dropped the bag in a fit of depression in October.

I sat down and realized that when I used georatio to compose the house chart I hadn’t switched to the sign assignment schema I’m used to. I did and it changed from Rubeus in Cancer to Rubeus in Taurus. 

I looked and according to William Lilly, Taurus can represent diseases of the throat, as in where I’d gotten this scope in the first place. And also, Cancer is digestive problems, the apparent issue that sent me for the scope in the first place.


That was the post. Here’s the postscript, I suppose. What can we learn from this, if anything? Someone in the server said something like this: sometimes, an attempt to find a lost item is less like divination and more like a spell meant to help you find the thing. In this case it certainly worked out that way. I might have checked the hall, but without that Cancer zodiac sign in the back of my mind, I may never have thought about that bag lying there.

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