Tradition and the Individual Magician

A lively conversation on the HHoL revived my interest in an idea I had months ago: "magicians need to read Eliot." It’s true, of course, because everyone needs to read Eliot, but in this particular case it’s true because Eliot wrote an extremely short essay, titled "Tradition and the Individual Talent," in which he charts a course between tradition and uniqueness. Magicians need to read this because, between the Scylla of reconstructionism and the Charybdis of anything-goes Neopaganism, many magically operant people have a screwed up sense of what tradition really means.

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Teacher Archetypes in the Tarot Majors

I’m a teacher for my day job, so obviously the idea of what a teacher is, or what one does as a teacher, is often in my mind. And since tarot is also often on my mind, it stands to reason that I think sometimes of which cards represent teachers and teaching. In this post I intend to talk about the two majors that I see as the teachers, as well as the card I suspect people put in that grouping but which shouldn’t be.

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So I’m a queer druid I guess

I make no secret on my social media that I’m nonbinary, which I suppose qualifies me as a queer person. I’m not trying to nope out of that, I just have difficulty embracing it because it doesn’t seem like I’m queer enough to qualify. I could probably write a whole essay about that, but let’s do something more entertaining instead. I’d like to write about how a ritual is what made me realize that I’m nonbinary.

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Literature for Magicians: The Night Land

The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson is one of the strangest things I have read, I believe. Anyone interested in dreamscapes, fantasy, post-apocalypse fiction, or weird fiction should give it a try. This essay is "for magicians" simply in that this novel will enrich the imagination powerfully, something any magician should do every so often.

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