Open to Tarot Readings!

Hello! I’m posting on a day I don’t, typically, to let you know that I am now open to tarot readings. You can find the information here, which includes a link to the form and some alternate ways to pay for the commission.

As you might notice, I will accept payment in two ways. You can pay me, which is, you know, the typical way. Or you can donate to an aid organization from the list I provide and email me with proof of that. At the moment you get a pretty hefty discount if you go that route, so please consider it!


3 thoughts on “Open to Tarot Readings!

  1. Hi! I find tarot vaguely fascinating and am not usually one who looks into tarot readings, but I clicked the link because I’ve followed your blog for a while and was curious. Just wanted to let you know that the link wasn’t working when I clicked it!


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