Hello! My name is Grier, and I want to welcome you to my page. You can read my blogging, check out my articles, and get a tarot reading from here.

There’s one simple idea that runs through everything I do: art teaches us how to live. That’s what it’s for. Art, entertainment, there’s no distinction for my purposes. Everything has a “lesson,” a way of looking at the world.

The first psychologists were literature critics. The first academics were priests. And, of course, the other way around.

When I’m performing a tarot reading, we’ll have fun, and we’ll be casual and relaxed. But we’ll be discussing big, “throughline” ideas that carry from life to life, person to person. Your reading will be between me, you, and the cards: all three of us tell the story of your situation. It’s a lot like a storytelling event, except you may be even more surprised by what you learn!

When I’m blogging, I’m not just here to tell you what a short story meant. You can figure out a meaning for yourself if you’re interested in the story. I’m here to let you into the nervous system of another human being (me) who is, simultaneously, experiencing the nervous system of another human being (the author/s). Then I use what expertise I may have to abstract ways of living out of it. I have a doctorate in literature and cultural studies, teach humanities, and practice chaos magic. So I am pretty well suited to say something useful about how you can use a story or a movie or a game to do something in your life. Something small, maybe, but a magic trick is really a bunch of small movements no one else can see. Do enough movements and the trick is performed.

That’s it. It’s simple. But it’s the best magic trick you can teach yourself.


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