Tarot Readings

Everything means something to someone. And everything is a part of someone’s story. I offer tarot readings to help you see the meanings in things and to tell your story. I offer personalized tarot readings that put things into new contexts and new stories. Tarot is a story we tell together, and you can use it to see things in a new light, reconsider a new idea, or make sense of a new event or idea in the plot of your life.

My readings are detailed pdf documents that you can read and refer to over time, feeling through how your changing perspective alters and deepens your understanding of the information you received and the story we told together.

Each one also ends with a suggestion for reading. What does that mean? Literature therapy, or bibliotherapy, is a useful way to use art and literature in your own life. And book-reading is one of my things.

I hold a Ph.D. in literary and cultural studies alongside my tarot practice, so I can tell you plenty about all kinds of readings! Just like I have to make sense of the stories that Thomas Hardy told, I can also help you make sense of your own story, even if it’s just the latest chapter.

And if you read for yourself, you could even book me for a kind of “tutoring session” instead! I run classes and workshops too, and can most certainly book a session with you to talk about symbology, associations, or methodology!

Please fill out this form in order to request a reading. I will send an invoice if you choose to pay directly. Readings begin at $50.00 US, and max out at $100.00 US, depending on the number of individual readings involved, and other matters. When you contact me, give me all the information you can on the issue, so I can quote you an accurate rate in advance.

At this time, I am accepting proof of donation to a handful of organizations instead of direct payment. This is my way of contributing to important funds, when I am unable to directly support them myself. Note that the donation option is discounted. So, whereas my base rate for readings is $50.00 US, as mentioned above, the rate for a reading paid for via donation is $30.00 US. (For obvious reasons I will not be able to issue any refunds on donation swaps. Please keep that in mind.)

Any of the organizations listed here that are based in the USA are eligible for the donation plan. This organization is also eligible.

Please check this page before requesting a reading, as I may have to close and reopen from time to time, depending on the volume of requests I receive.