Daggerfall in the Cards pt. 3

When we last left our intrepid hero, she was staring at a door that looks like a sconce devoted to memento mori. I have, seeking to be merciful to you, the dear reader, gone on ahead to Daggerfall. So you can take it as read that I wandered the countryside in the fast travel menu, made it to town, remembered to sheathe my, uh, flail, and entered the town. I failed to screenshot a moment when citizens eerily appeared from nowhere and began to wander aimlessly. Sorry about that. I’ve also sold all that useless armor and bought a better hammer. That’s about it. Let’s find some work!

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Daggerfall in the Cards, pt. 1

Here’s a god-awful idea. Let’s play Daggerfall, making every decision by drawing a tarot card! Nothing could possibly go wrong! I will draw a tarot card for every major decision, and possibly a lot of the minor decisions. I predict nothing but smooth sailing.

In this episode, mostly character creation probably.

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Daggerfall, a Frightened Boy’s Story

Did you know someone was re-making Daggerfall, the second Elder Scrolls game, in the Unity engine? No? So you probably didn’t also know it’s hit a major milestone. I just found out. That’s super-cool. To celebrate that, I thought I’d tell you my goofy story with the game, back in high school. It’s weird and, like most of my gaming stories, ends with me never finishing it.

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