Led Zeppelin IV: tarot take two

Last time we did the first three songs of Led Zeppelin IV. That might not seem like much, but it certainly gave us enough for a post. Here’s the second part. I promise it’s got the rest of the album.

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Led Zeppelin IV: Tarot Reading

I’ve been interested in doing this album for a few weeks, so I decided to just skip the poll (this time!) and simply go for it. A tarot reading for Led Zeppelin IV is very appropriate, given the tarot imagery associated with the album. The album cover features a painting that the band picked up in a second hand shop. It looks a bit like the Waite-Smith Ten of Wands, with a man bent down under the weight of a bunch of sticks. But more importantly, the inner gatefold featured a painting that was just a version of The Hermit from the tarot.

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