So I’m a queer druid I guess

I make no secret on my social media that I’m nonbinary, which I suppose qualifies me as a queer person. I’m not trying to nope out of that, I just have difficulty embracing it because it doesn’t seem like I’m queer enough to qualify. I could probably write a whole essay about that, but let’s do something more entertaining instead. I’d like to write about how a ritual is what made me realize that I’m nonbinary.

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On the Touch in Imaginal Work

I was listening to Reverend Erik’s latest episode about Agrippa, as one does, and I found myself having a series of thoughts – which, of course, is what one wants out of an informative podcast. You should listen to the episode. It’s not going to be necessary for understanding this post; it’s just a good episode. But because of Erik’s thoughts on Agrippa and how he modeled sight as an active sense, I got to thinking about touch and the imaginal, which I feel I see very little about. So this post is on a few ways one can incorporate the “least pure” sense into imaginal work like magic.

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T'Challa undergoing one version of the ritual of the Heart-Shaped Herb

Black Panther’s Magico-Religious Rituals

Hiatus over! I may be sorta slow-blogging a bit until I get back on my feet (literally in some cases — I’m experiencing some pain in my legs, yay the processes of time). However, I’m back and I wanted to come out of the gate swinging. Like probably most of you, I saw Black Panther recently, and it was fantastic. I want to write about the Panther ritual itself as it is in the movie.

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Tarot Meditation 0: How To

Let’s try to write something that isn’t super long. It’s Friday, right? Yeah, we’ll see. Anyway, I’ve been considering this for a while. Four years ago I started a process of meditating in order to enter tarot cards. This process is ongoing partly because I got lazy and partly because it got weird. But, you know, that’s expected to happen. You can view this as magic or as guided meditation, it doesn’t really matter. In this post, I’ll lay out how you can do it yourself if you’d like. Then every so often I’ll write up something from my notes about a card. How’s that sound?

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